Blu-Ray Production

blu-ray-pressThe Blu-ray Disc (BD) is used for film and music with highest picture- and sound-quality, as well as game-consoles and multimedia-applications.

As Blu-ray manufactor we produce and print your edition in industrial standard. Pressed BDs are solid, reliable and optically immaculately produced. Up to 6 color overprints by professional silkscreen and offset-print are also possible as with CD and DVD.

Blu-ray comes in two formats: Single Layer (BD25) holding a capacity of 25 Gigabyte and double layer (BD50) with 50 GB of disc space. Beeing the same size as DVD, Blu-ray disc space 5-times larger.

In contrast to CD or DVD, the production of Blu-ray requires mandatory AACS copy protection. For the implementation of copy protection setup-costs are beeing charged (per title resp. glass-master) and a licence-fee per disc. For purchasing the licenses a membership at AACS is necessary as well. We will surely assist you in these issues.


Typical Blu-ray packaging is available in new middle size formats, digipaks and plastic cases in blue.


Any questions concerning the BD production? – Contact us!
Here you find a direct link to Download AACS application for licensing.

The following diagrams will explain the manufacturing process:


glass mastering