Author resp. Intellectual property rights

Here in Germany, the GEMA administers the exploitation rights of creators of music. Its activities are clear from its name, „Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte“, which means „Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights“, from article 2 of its statutes: „The object of the society is to protect authors and to administer their rights within the scope of these statutes“, and from the deeds of assignment that GEMA concludes with composers, lyricists and music publishers.


GEMA helps you to easily obtain all rights entailed in the use of music and passes on royalty payments to the composers, lyricists and music publishers. However, it is necessary to register the production in the particular country, at the registered applicants’ discerning institution. The production of a media product could not be pursued, unless it is „released“ from the discerning society. It is then preferable to register timely. Should you prefer to register the production yourselves, please make sure that we (Disc Partner- Unique GmbH) will get the acquittal.


In some urgent reasons, it is possible to start with the first production phases even if a copyright release has not yet taken over. Accordingly, we acquire the release (from Gema) within 48 hours if it concerns a royalty-free repertoire. Royalty-free means that the copyrights or the authors are not members of the discerning intitutions themselves.


Should the authors, lyricists or publishers be members themselves of these institutions, the number of titles as well as the intended purpose of the production from the discerning institution, would be acquired through a license-fee on each fabricated CD/DVD.


A licence-fee is often required, before the release is is granted or distributed from the discerning institution. The “release” is acquitted upon settling of account.


We then wouldnt require any GEMA release, if you or the registree has an ongoing contract with the discerning institution. Please refer to the list below to the websites and links of a couple of discerning institutions. Please regard that you, through the discerning institution, assign us a release for your production.


The corresponding forms are at your disposal throgh the websites listed below.



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Content rights

Rights of audio and video recordings

Before duplication, the rights of the contents must be clarified. Only the owner or licensee holds the rights for the audio or video recordings/productions or the duplication. If you are either the owner or the authorized licensee, it is necessary to validate the legal position to that effect through a written confirmation, that you acquire the rights for duplication on the contents of the medium in any musical piece on a CD-ROM or a film (in every data format).
We are willing to help you in these matters.  

Rights on documents and software (CD-Rom)

The use of software and documents also has to be permitted by the owner or licensee, when used on any newly produced media. So called “shareware” can be used, but upon the acknowledgement of the owner.

Rights of printed texts and images

Please take note that there is proprietorship on images and writings. If you use any logos or pictures for your print-works, you should make sure that you can use this without further approval or permit. Or, in case, get those permissions in a written form.