Special Disc Formats


CD cards are the same size as cardboard visiting cards. But these can hold quite a few more digits! Hand out v-cards including your company profile, website or show-reel.


format: 58 mm x 85 mm

print format: 56 mm 83 mm

disc scpace: 30 MB


format: 61 mm x 85 mm

print format: 59 mm 83 mm

disc space: 50 MB


format: 68 mm x 85 mm

print format: 66 mm 83 mm

disc space: 100 MB


Scent CD

The name speaks for itself:

The CD with your own personal fragrance.


Freestyle CD

The Freestyle-Disc opens up the limits of your creativity. The free-standing motives give the transparent CD-body its special, lightweight charm. Just like the formed CD with accentuated contoured label-motives. There are no technical boundaries to your design – even intricate forms can be recreated with precise and expressive detail.


8 cm CD & DVD

The 8 cm disc is the mini version of the „normal“ CD or DVD. With 21 min. playtime and almost 200 MB storage capacity, the 8cm CD is a great solution for an Audio-CD which can be used eg. for a band presentation or a Data-CD for company promotions and campaigns. Optically the mini-CD stands out from all the other normal CD’s. It is „postage friendly“, handy and fits in every CD-Player with an 8cm-notch.

Form CD

The Form-CD has become a classic in the music promotion scene. The normal 5-inch-CD is simply trimmed in an individual Form. You decide the form and the music repertoire or CD-Rom applications, and we take care of the rest for you. Moreover, the 3-inch-Mini-CD is also available in a Form-CD. A Form-CD motive suits everything that has a shape: fruits and clothes, furniture and animals, bottles and figures and much much more. The Form-CD is a favourable choice in cases where the normal CD may be considered too big (eg. as an attractive addition to a product), too heavy or simply too „common“.

According to your wishes, our graphics team will develop a product specifically designed for your target group. And we can offer an extensive repertoire of proposals.