CD Production

cd-pressingIndustrial manufacturing has been extremely standardized. Our costumers benefit from this. Pressed CDs are durable and reliable. Silk-screen or offset-print with up to 6 colors give the perfect finish to a professional product.

With a storage capacity of up to 650 MB and a running time of up to 74 minutes the CD is still the preferred medium for a wide range of contents. It can be an Audio-CD, CD-Rom, Video-CD, Photo-CD, Enhanced-CD or Hybrid… In fact, we replicate all CD formats 1 to 1.

Just send us your pre-master as a burned CD-R and ensure that the medium is clean and unscratched –
and we will take care of the rest.

Any questions regarding formats? – Please contact us.
Do you want us to create the pre-master ?
Do you need just a few CD copies quickly? We suggest our small series.

The following pictures illustrate the main steps of the CD production process:

glass mastering