CD Mastering

At CD Mastering we combine the advantages of analog and digital technique

In our studio we combine the advantages of analog and digital technique to reach the best sound for you in the CD Mastering. Our specialists offer the whole range of knowledge and abilities that you need to finalize your recordings. The many years of experience in sound editing – from  Pre-Mastering up to modern Surround techniques – guarantee you the best results. If you want to use our CD Mastering Service, we would be glad to provide you with a personal consultation.

Our studio services:

  • Pre-Mastering
  • Audio editing
  • Voice recordings
  • Surround-mix
  • Format converting
  • Multichannel formates
  • Copy protection implementation
  • Album- and Single-Production

Audio Mastering

After long-standing experiences in industrial production of audio media we can realize a lot of possibilities in the mastering process.  It is our job to bring out an optimized product, that meets all requirements. Loudness adjustments, frequeny corrections, cutting, special crossfades by setting the tracklist on the Pre-Master, changing and shorten tracks and so on are our daily challenges. On top of that, we also offer: noise reduction, restauration, limiting, cut, tracklist editing and a lot more. The requirements of the reproduction of audio products has increased in this digital age through highly technological perfect reproduction capabilities. Perfect sound and cuts have become standard in every music production. As a result the Pre-Mastering has become more important. Here the music production gets the final touch before it goes to the industrial copying and ready for sale packaging.


Dont hesitate to ask! Call us or send a mail via contact form. We are looking forward to see you.

What happens during the audio pre-mastering process?

At the Audio Pre-Mastering on one hand the music data will be prepared for the industrial manufacturing. On the other hand it is the stage for the above-mentioned changes in the audio material. Many customers uses the opportunity to take part in this sensibel and important process in our Sound Station-Studios.  Old  Vinyl and Schellack recordings: declick and decrackle – that is one of our specialities. So historical tunes can become a delight again.  MC- or dictaphone-sounds, recorded even under the most adverse conditions, can be rid of bothersome noise and voices can be clear audibly again, possible through a compliant professional software and hardware as well as the know-how of our technicians.

Make an appointment with us, if you like to join the mastering in the studio. Send us your tapes and data files, we compile a treatment plan and cost overview after checking the material. If you wish we would like to present a non-binding work sample of your material.