CD and DVD in plastic boxes

This overview shows a sample of our extensive range of packagings. If  there is problably not the optimum model for your product we will find an individual solution. Please contact us!

CD Jewel Box | Jewel Case

it is the classic in CD packaging.  The outer cover of the Jewel Box (or Jewel Case) is made of transparent rigid plastic. The tray, in which the CD is put in, can be made in a lot of different colours. The standards colors are anthrazit, transparent or white. The Jewel Box can be wrapped by machine. Only for Leporello or thicker booklets things has to be packed manual.


CD Brilliant Box

The elegant standard package for two discs. The tray is foldable and can  carry a CD on both sides. The measures of the box and the print matters are similar to the Jewel Box. The tray standard coloures are anthrazit or transparent.


CD Maxi Box

The Maxi Box, also called Single Box, is normally used for Single CDs. It is made of only two transparent plastic parts. A Maxi Inlay can be put into the front flap. The backside stays transparent, with a view to the disc. The Maxi Box is flatter than a Jewel Box and takes up less space.


CD Slim Box

As the name already suggests is this „Two Piece Box“ very flat also and more space saving. The Super Slim Box is often preferred for software, promotion or recordable media. The base comes with an anthrazit, clear or „frosted“ look. In the top flap you can put a normal booklet or a covercard.


CD plastic bags

very simple packing – but very valuable, since you can see directly the disc’s brilliant print-image. The bags are also available with cover flap or with a spliced back.



Amaray-like-boxes or softboxes don’t have to be always black or transparent! We offer you different colors on request. Also a lot more tray or slimbox variations are possible.


CD & DVD Super Jewelbox

The more valuable alternative to the Standard Box. The Super Jewelbox is produced in DVD upright format or in typical  CD sized package.

The rounded angles and the glass-clear material create the high valued appaerance.


Blu-ray Box

The typical blue softbox for Blu-ray Discs is available in various versions. With bright or flat back, with more trays and corresponding with or without booklet.



CD & DVD ProTexx Box oder Ejector Case

a new innovation, very unique functionality and honored with a lot of design awards.

A lightly press on the side lever and and the suspendend CD or DVD is pushed out of the case to the half.  The playful handling is especially loved and preferred by the users.


CD & DVD Tinbox

A real eye-catching type of package for all audio, video and special products around CD/DVD.

Made of 0,24mm tinplate this is a very compact package and also, with the plastic tray, a soft solution to hold the CD at the same time. The Tinboxes are available in CD, DVD and Blu-ray format. Therefore the customer can figure out the content according to the package form. The visually significant character makes the Tinbox a „special edition“ with long term advertising effect.


  • Offset print
  • Embossing
  • Sticker features


Color CD Jewelcase

A modern variety of Jewel boxes. The cases are manufactured in coloured plastic materials  – for instance in a catchy neon-look.


  • also printable



The CD-package in a design of a shell. Very popular because of their organic form, the weak plastic material is shatterproof furthermore. Well suited when the media, for instance a CD-rom, are going to be mailed by individual shipping.


  • also available with a printed round Inlaycard for C-Shell

and many many more …